The OG Logic Shop. Circa 2007.


Our roots are nestled in the hills of Central New York. To call this area paradise would be an overstatement. To say it is miserable would be an understatement. While there are some clear disadvantages to growing up in this area, there is also a lot to be said about the kind of culture it provides for those with the motivation to grow beyond it.

The hill that we grew up skiing is Toggenburg, in Fabius, NY. This was our stomping grounds through our high school years, and we've maintained a strong connection with the resort even since moving away. It's the kind of place where your friend drives the groomer and you can have a hefty amount of input when it comes to building a park.

It's also the kind of place that will listen to the riders and give all they can to keep them stoked. For this reason, it is also the place where An& started hosting annual events. In the fall, we helped to put on Hay Bails and Grind Rails, an event that showcases a handful of the season's latest films and hosts the area's first rail jam of the year. In the Spring, we've hosted the Toggenburg Takeover, an event where we design a couple of unique features that encourage riders to get creative with their tricks. While we've been on hiatus the past season, as we were out in Utah, we absolutely plan on returning to Toggenburg with more events in the future.

The An& Brand has been growing in Vermont for four of the last five years. Last winter, we moved out to Utah with high hopes for the future. Unfortunately, due to several circumstances (huge interest rates on loans, full time jobs, skiing, etc.), we essentially spent the winter hibernating. When Spring rolled around, our senses returned and we made the jump back to Vermont.

So that brings us to where we are today. Currently, we're located in Stowe, VT and we're taking a new approach to this whole thing. As it turns out, spending a year out in Utah was great for The An& Brand. Being there really put things in perspective for us, and we realized that Vermont is where we belong. We're excited to be back and ready to make our renewed vision a reality.