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Age: 20
Hometown: Merrimac, MA

When it comes to killing it on skis- Colin's not a simple man, he's a method man. Like much of our team, Colin got his start at Ski Bradford in Massachusetts. Colin began making pilgrimages to East Coast ski meccas like Loon, Mt. Snow, and Sunday river, where he gained the attention of his elders with fearless style. Skiing with Colin is something that we look forward to every winter. Simply put- Colin consistently goes way too fast and way too big; but the one thing that you can count on is him riding away, no matter how impossible it may seem. Give Colin a jump that can't be cleared, and he'll drop a heavily blunted cork 9 to the bottom of the landing. The best part about his style is how much it switches up, he has more ways of lacing a line through the park than anyone else. Colin won't ever be caught following the crowd, but you'll definitely find the crowd following him.