Admittedly, the process involved with ordering custom goods can be pretty complicated. Fortunately, we've got some experience with it and should have no problem walking you through it. Generally, this is how it goes down:

1. Get in touch with us. When you do, the more details you can bring to us will really speed up the process. For example, an idea of your budget, work involved, and even including the necessary artwork can help this step go much smoother. If you're looking to just feel the process out and get some ideas about numbers, then that's fine too. We don't mind working with you to get you the most from your budget.

2. After all of the details are sorted out, we'll put together an official estimate for you. If you're contemplating multiple options, we'll put together estimates for each one, so you can lay the numbers out and make the choice that's best for you. At this point, nothing is final and changes can still be made to the order.

3. If you like the estimate we give you, and you want to move ahead with the order, you'll sign at the bottom and we'll move onto the production and invoice stage. Once the estimate is signed for, you will be responsible for fulfilling the terms of payment which we agreed upon. Usually this means you'll give us a deposit worth 50% of the order. Once this is in hand, we'll begin production.

4. After the production on your project is compete, we'll send you your goods, as well as an invoice. Depending on the payment agreement we have worked out, you may owe us upon receiving the goods, or you may have some time to get us the rest. Either way, you'll be stoked at this point!

5. You won't be able to help it. You'll tell everyone you know about us and how incredible the service was. Soon enough, you'll want to start back at step 1 again!